The Teddies'' Home

 Hello Teddy Friends,

How are you all? Hope you are all tucked in and cosy. It has been raining all week here. I have been very busy with my teddy family as finally we have moved in in our home. 

A year ago while I was in The Netherlands, with mummy when we went to pick up Archy and Pebbles we had found a very old German dolls house. It reminds me a lot of the house that I have in The Netherlands. 

"What do you think Archy? Do You like it?"

"It's wonderful Posy!"

I  looked at  my sister Pebbles, "Do you think we can fix it up?"

She smiled, "Oh yes I am sure we will!"

"Mummy? Do you think we would be able to bring it down with us to Malta?"

"If you liked it so much, I think we can manage it!"

We were all so excited traveling back with the big old dolls house. 

It took us a while to fix it up a bit. 

Archy loves the dining room and kitchen. He like cooking but I am sure that he loves eating just as much. 

In the sitting room we have our teddy friends. They are always there for us and helped us move in. 

Pebbles has decorated our bedroom We still need to add a few frames and curtains.

I took care of  our Play room. It is my favorite room You will find my dolls house there in the corner. 

Viva loves it just as much as I do. 

Now mummy and Archy will be doing all the ceiling lights. We also have some cousins coming from France to live with us. 

I hope you like our new home. Mummy has definitely make a great choice. I will be inviting you all for tea. when the time comes. 

That's all for today. Take Care and See You Soon.

TTFN - Ta Ta for now.

Bear Hugs,

Posy xxx